Conductor is ending the plight of data integration for vertical SaaS.

Conductor is building a Stripe-quality developer experience for integrating with legacy software systems, starting with QuickBooks Desktop.

The absolute obsessiveness with which Conductor builds its data integrations is unmatched. This degree of rigor and thoroughness in edge cases, testing, layered error handling, and validation is a unique need for integrating data from non-Tech verticals (e.g., logistics, construction, and supply chain). Few tech companies have the culture and competencies to support this particular approach to software development.

This is why Conductor exists. Companies building products for these industries cannot afford the resources required for the fragility, complexity, and intricacies of these data integrations. It’s understandably not their focus, just a means to enable the product they ultimately care about. Otherwise, these data integrations underpinning their product quietly become their greatest technical liability.

Our team has spent over a decade building companies, scaling vast software systems, and obsessing over quality.

Master Plan

Phase One

Initially, Conductor is focusing on a very narrow niche. As a result, we are the undisputed best solution in the world for this specific niche. When a company has a product requirement that aligns with our offering, we become their obvious choice. Consequently, we now have close working relationships with many companies as our customers.

Phase Two

Conductor's customers adore us because our developer experience is significantly better than their typical experience with bloated dev tools that try to do too much. As a result, they implore us to build additional specific services or features that their products require, trusting in our quality. Without compromising quality, we work with these companies to develop the next Conductor products we know they need, thereby de-risking the development process.


Danny Nemer, Founder & CEO

Danny started Conductor on the thesis that the most difficult challenge to scaling vertical SaaS companies is building the requisite data integrations.

Before Conductor:

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Designed and built in San Francisco.

© 2024 Conductor Labs Inc.

Designed and built in San Francisco.

© 2024 Conductor Labs Inc.

Designed and built in San Francisco.

© 2024 Conductor Labs Inc.